You blink and suddenly find yourself standing in what appears to be a desolate clearing in front of a weathered mansion next to a forest at night. Despite the ostensibly normal-looking surroundings, there is an uncanny sense of wrongness that seems to pervade every aspect of the landscape, becoming more noticeable the longer you spend observing your new surroundings.

The dark sky almost resembles a dark yet vaguely reflective ocean, with the night sky only partially obscuring a transparent, ever-changing series of warped, ethereal mirror images of the landscape below it. You briefly catch a glimpse of your own face in the sky and flinch out of surprise.

You instinctively reach for your cell phone to call for assistance, only to discover that, in spite of your exorbitant monthly phone bill, your service provider does not yet cover extra-planar locations. Alas.

Prying your attention away from the hall-of-mirrors-esque sky, you examine the dilapidated mansion in front of you. In spite of its moribund appearance it still seems quite imposing due to its size and gloomy appearance. Even without knowing anything about the architectural trends of the world around you, you can tell that the manor is truly ancient. The fact that it's still standing suggests it's either inhabited, or was up until recently. It appears to be surrounded on all sides by formidably thick and gloomy forest made up of plants whose appearance would lead you to assume they came from a distant geological period (or planet), had you seen them on Earth. A few particularly odd ones even appear to be moving, and not because of the wind...

Scanning the area, you only see one way to enter the forest without sustaining a lot of nasty cuts in the process. You surmise that the resident(s) of the house carved out a trail so that they could come and go. In spite of the darkness, you swear you can make out dark shapes occasionally moving between the trees, which you assume are likely more mobile plants. The wind dies down briefly and you suddenly realise you can hear an eerily beautiful melody quietly emanating from somewhere deep in the forest.

The Vision Thing does not appear to be anywhere in sight, although you surmise that with all of the abilities that he surely possesses as a native of Aberra, Macula could theoretically be right there with you and is merely cloaking himself.

Try calling out to Macula
Examine the plants
Explore the Forest
Explore the Manor


Do not call me in vain, mortal.

But I'm scared. :(

You are not in any danger here. By Koshka's request, I am simultaneously monitoring every corner of this realm in order to ensure that nothing here has a chance to successfully bring harm to you.

You can do that?

I can do many things here in my homeworld where my magic is entirely unbound by your realm's laws of reality. Consider that both a reassurance and a warning, and cease pestering me.



You approach a nearby "tree" to take a closer look at it and suddenly realise that all of the nearby moving plants seem to be turning, as if they are actively trying to follow your motion across the clearing. You stare at one of them, a roughly 3-foot tall stalk with one large purple leaf on top, for a few seconds before realising both that it appears to have three small reptilian eyes on its "leaf" and that it is actively making rather intense eye contact with you. Between this plant and Macula, you hope that "creepy eyeballs existing where eyeballs should never exist" is not a pervasive trademark of Aberra's reality.

The eye plant... thing suddenly releases a small cloud of pheromones from its stalk, in an apparent attempt to communicate. Although you're unable to decipher this cryptic gesture, the odour does seem oddly pleasing, almost like a basket of freshly-picked strawberries. You flash a nervous smile and wave at the plant, which relaxes its glare and shrinks back a few inches, apparently satisfied.

Coming eventually!
Coming eventually!